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Learn to Cook at Any Age

At Spaghetti Tree Chef, our mission is to encourage and empower kids, teens, and adults to bring food back into the home.  Through our interactive and educational classes we strive to create a solid foundation and a strong relationship with food that can be shared and experienced with friends and family.


Whether you’re looking to advance your skills or learn a brand new one, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy a variety of learning opportunities with Spaghetti Tree Chef. Take a look around to find more information.


A New Twist

Spaghetti Tree Chef classes are all about demystifying food.  In our 100% hands on classes students have the opportunity to build skills and confidence in a fun and safe environment.


  • Kitchen safety & cleanliness

  • Follow and adapt recipes

  • Age appropriate knife skills

  • Proper cooking methods and terminology

  • Fun and interactive learning

  • Delicious food that you'll WANT to make again and again!

~Parent/child sessions are available upon request, otherwise, parents get free time while I hang with your kiddo and we make awesome food!

Preparing Dough


I had a passion for food from a very young age.  I remember always re-seasoning my dad’s food while he wasn’t looking.  Eventually he figured it out and encouraged me to ‘make it taste better’.  I have been so fortunate to have grown up with parents who always grew a garden, and hunted.  We grew up with friends who are farmers, so even though I didn’t realize it then, I was immersed in knowledge of where food came from.  The core of my youth was learning about and experiencing food.  It only made sense to pursue a career in it, so I graduated from SAIT in 2004 with a Professional Cooking Diploma, and by 2007 I was a Red Seal.
What REALLY brought back my passion was accidentally stumbling upon a cooking school for kids in Calgary.  Long story short, I quit my job as an executive Chef with a good salary, because I knew that was where I needed to be.  I got to see a space I am so comfortable in through new eyes.  Teaching people is my passion.  Teaching kids and teens is rewarding beyond words.  I love it when they discover that a recipe isn’t a rule, it’s a guide.  I love it when adults find renewed enjoyment in what can sometimes feel like a chore.  I love sharing my passion for food!


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